Lichtschranken Solution

Ultra High Precision and quality electronics, high-performance lenses, lightweight and durable aluminium housing: TAG Heuer Timing’ new 500mW Wireless photocell has the best of in-house technology and heritage with over 20 years of continuous development.

Above all, the latest generation of photocells has an integrated 500mW Wireless module with a range of over 3000m, thus removing any need for cabling external devices such as the ChronoPrinter.

All the above being technical feat in itself, TAG Heuer Timing have further enhanced the photocell portfolio by integrating the Infra-red transmitter with the wireless feature to offer a complete wireless solution with a wide ranging Infra-red range operation to cater for wide finish lines up to a distance of up to 80 meters.

The HL3-5x solution is ideal for sports including motor sport, active sports, winter sports and equestrianism all demanding reliable, high accuracy, simple set up and low maintenance.

Synonymous with use for various world record attempts the TAG Heuer photocells equally find themselves at home in local competition.

Our latest HL3-5 photocell has an internal quartz clock, and an integrated 500mW radio module.


Integrating this new technology with our existing products like the HL675 Radio Data/Impulse Transmission, it is possible to synchronize up to 8 photocells at zero or with Time-of-Day, corresponding to the 8 possible inputs (CP540/545 channels 1-4 and 5-8).This allows the photocells to independently transmit data (ToD) or impulses. This new concept also gives the ability to perform training without a Chronoprinter or MiniTimer, the photocells HL3-5x and a HL675 Receiver are directly connected to a PC using the timing software with our standard communication protocol TAG Heuer (THCOM08).



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    >>Professional Stativ

    HL5R/HL5RL/HL6 - Professional Stativ

  • 02

    >>Halterungen für Photozellen

    HL4/HL4-3 - Halterungen für Photozellen

  • 03

    >>500mW Daten / Impuls-Überstragungsystem

    HL675 - 500mW Daten / Impuls-Überstragungsystem