Zielfotografie Solution

TAG Heuer’s extensive timing experience and Axis Communication world leading network video products are brought together to formulate a reliable backup and visual reference solution for all active timekeepers.
Delivered with a proprietary software application developed by TAG Heuer, the ID-Vision camera provides a reliable and cost effective «visual» backup solution to prevent controversial race finishes and for monitoring and recording locations remotely where normal visual contact is not available.
The HL182
This camera is the world’s first outdoor-ready network camera with an intelligent i-CS lens. It delivers superior image quality in footage of fast-moving objects under even the most demanding lighting conditions.
With up to 100/120 fps in HDTV 720p and up to 50/60 fps in HDTV 1080p, the STH182 captures sharp images of fast-moving cars and competitors.
With a robust aluminum casing, the HL182 can withstand temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F).

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  • 01


    HL440 - Minitimer

  • 02

    >>Distant Dekoder

    TCDDI - Distant Dekoder

  • 03

    >>Protime Elite Dekoder

    TCDE - Elite Dekoder

  • 04

    >>100mW Wireless Photocell

    100mW Fotozelle Wirelss HL 3-1x

  • 05


    500mW Wireless Photocell HL3-5xx with integrated timebase

  • 06

    >>Chronoprinter 545

    CP545 - Chronoprinter 545