TAG Heuer Professional TimingThe new HL940 Start Clock

Distinctive features :

• 2 signal inputs
• 2 signal outputs
• 3 RS232 connectors
• 25,000 times memory
• SPLIT and PTB timing modes
• full compatibility with CP540 and Minitimer TAG Heuer timing devices

• 50 start programs
• Start Clock Manager , proprietary software application

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The new HL940 Start Clock

TAG Heuer re-invents its iconic Start Clock, creating the world's easiest-to-use and multi-functional timing start device.

Nothing less than the most high-performance start device ever conceived, the new HL940 TAG Heuer Start Clock represents a breakthrough in the timing world , combining an unique analogic dial and LED full colour display design to give unparalleled precision and practicality in the pure avant-garde tradition of TAG Heuer.

This new and unique architecture, inspired from the well-known TAG Heuer original start clock, the undisputed leading timing device in the rally car racing , introduces a new generation of Start devices, free of any constraint and displaying timing data and information in the most logical and elegantly way possible.
Simply put:
• hours and minutes displayed with the central hands • seconds displayed with 60 tri-colour LEDs
• two digit LED countdown display
• full colour LED flash display for the start light

The new HL940 TAG Heuer Start Clock has the definitive attributes of the most technologically advanced Start Clock timing device in the market, including: 2 signal inputs, 2 signal outputs, 3 RS232 connectors, 25,000 times memory, GPS, SPLIT and PTB timing modes and full compatibility with CP540 and Minitimer TAG Heuer timing devices.
With these new distinctive features complemented by a range of 50 start programs, the new HL940 TAG Heuer Start Clock offers the most logical way to intuitively display and read time, elapsed and interval start time and countdown for many disciplines and demanding sports timing applications, such as rally car racing, skiing, track and field , equestrian, cycling, etc, …

A proprietary software application developed by TAG Heuer, the Start Clock Manager acts as a definitive easy-to-use dashboard and allows to anyone to configure the different parameters of the timekeeping of his own sport event. An exciting option allows you to mimic the exact Start Clock Information on external screens around the event location, displaying to the commentator and public the same information that the competitor sees on the Start Line.

Throughout a two year period, tremendous effort was concentrated on achieving this Class-leading durability and precision, including: maximizing the power source and engine efficiency; reviewing all multi-sports usages and implementing the multi-functional software. Once again, the efficient support provided by the network of the TAG Heuer official distributors has been a major contribution to this major development.

Available as of June 1st, the new HL940 TAG Heuer Start Clock is the most accomplished Start Clock Timing device - easy to use and a breeze to read.

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