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TAG Heuer Professional Timing Online

TAG Heuer Professional Timing Online is the latest platform to practice timekeeping via the GSM-4G network, a multitude of possibilities to perform competitions via devices such as the CP545 chronoprinter or even the HL940 start clock. And most recently, the Pocket Pro Bluetooth can synchronize via the iOS app and...

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TAG Heuer Professional timing kit for show jumping

TAG Heuer has a vast range of products certified by the FEI (Fédération Internationale d'Equitation). Today we are glad to propose you a reliable and easy to use Horse Jumping Timing Installation. The native Jumping Firmware of the Chronoprinter 545, and the new wireless Photocells HL3-131 will bring you the...

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TAG Heuer teams up with Dartfish

Today, Dartfish is presenting its partnership with TAG Heuer, pairing its analytical systems with a true watchmaker's stopwatch, the "Pocket Pro". Together, the myDartfish Express application and the TAG Heuer Pocket Pro form the smallest, lightest and smartest help package for sports training currently available in the world, developed for...

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New 100mW Wireless photocell HL3-1x

Ultra High Precision and quality electronics, high-performance lenses, lightweight and durable aluminium housing: TAG Heuer Timing’ new 100mW Wireless photocell has the best of in-house technology and heritage with over 20 years of continuous development. Above all, the latest generation of photocells has an integrate 100mW Wireless...

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The Pocket-Pro electronic Stopwatch

The Pocket-Pro electronic stopwatch is the latest in TAG Heuer's Professional Timing development regime. In addition to the three exclusive timing modes dedicated to Motor sport circuit racing, Horse Jumping or Winter sports, this 1/100th second handheld timepiece also encompasses standard stopwatch modes, including Split / Lap...

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TAG Heuer partners with MXGP

Geneva (Switzerland - July 2014 ) :  Youthstream is pleased to announce that TAG Heuer has become the official Timekeeper of the FIM Motocross World Championship. A key player in the Motor racing championships since its origins, TAG Heuer will provide its timing expertise and knowledge to the...

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The new HL950 MODULO Display

The new HL950 MODULO Display developed by TAG Heuer Professional Timing is an innovative and affordable solution for every timing requests for displays and scoreboards : - Its new distinctive shape offers the most flexible and intuitive way to design timing displays dedicated to every sports event request ....

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The ID-Vision identification Camera

TAG Heuer’s extensive timing experience and Axis Communication world leading network video products are brought together to formulate a reliable backup and visual reference solution for all active timekeepers.Delivered with a proprietary software application developed by TAG Heuer, the ID-Vision identification camera provides a reliable and cost effective «visual» backup...

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The waterproof RT transponder

The RT Transponder is part of the new generation of TAG Heuer by Chronelec passive induction transponders, which are activated when crossing a detection loop. The RT is particularly recommended for Triathlon. The waterproof active RT transponder can be totally submerged during on water races and can also be...

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TAG Heuer, Official Timekeeper of Ferrari throughout the 1970s, partnered with the movie makers of Rush to accurately recreate the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing In its depiction of the Formula 1 environment of 1976, Academy Award® Winning director Ron Howard’s Rush starring Chris Hemsworth and...

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The Elite V3 Software Suite

The Elite V3 Software Suite is a complete software solution allowing the timing, management, processing printing and broadcasting of numerous types of racing & competition in motorized and active sports .Developed by Chronelec, the TAG Heuer's partner, the Suite is used in the  most demanding championships, such as the the...

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The HL975-S : a revolution in the world of displays

The new HL975-S display panel by TAG Heuer Timing breaks with tradition and paves the way for a real revolution in the world of displays. Ever since 1860, TAG Heuer has been radically changing standards to give life to the most striking innovations in timing. As the leader in global...

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The Heuer Rally-Master : The return of a grand classic

In December 2011, TAG Heuer’s Professional Timing Department, maker of the world’s most accurate timekeeping instruments, has reissued one of the Swiss brand’s most legendary products, the famous HEUER RALLY-MASTER dashboard timer. First launched in 1958, the RALLY-MASTER consisted of two side-by-side timing components — the 8-days clock on the...

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